In order to "Do More With Less" organizations need to be able to process more transactions with fewer resources. If your organization is up against similar challenges, we recommend that you take a serious look at your current process- you're likely to find out that Business Process Management Solutions - can help significantly through increased productivity and efficiency (which ultimately means lower costs).

Benefits of Scan2Soft Custom BPM Solutions

The unique capabilities of Scan2Soft BPM solution yield benefits for organisations that want to deploy business process management at the department level, across an enterprise, or between the enterprise and its customers and partners.

Improved Efficiency

It has been estimated that 90 percent of the time it takes to complete a typical business process is dead time - time waiting for a form to move from one desk to the next, time waiting for a manager's approval, time waiting for a form with a problem to get routed back to the right person and fixed. Scan2Soft extracts dead time from the process by automatically routing work, alerting participants when they receive the next work item, alerting them that they need to take an action, and by automatically accessing the databases and applications needed in order to complete a task. Scan2Soft offers ad-hoc routing of work to give workers flexibility in handling tasks, and exception handling to ensure that work continues even when a problem transaction arises.

Improved Quality

Scan2Soft delivers visibility and reporting straight to the desktops of decision makers so they can gain rapid insight into where processes are working and where they need improving. In formal quality initiatives such as Six Sigma and Statistical Process Control, Scan2Soft gives detailed monitoring and control of activities such as deadlines, audit trails, escalation, and exceptions.

Lower Operating Costs

A primary concern among businesses about BPM is, "What's the ROI? Can I be sure this investment will pay for itself as well as yield measurable financial benefits?" Scan2Soft can reduce operating costs by easily automating processes that reduce the cost of creating and managing paper forms; enterprises don't have to print the documents or bear the cost of distributing and storing them. Scan2Soft also enables organizations to utilize their existing headcount more efficiently, so they don't need to hire more personnel as work expands, and they can re-assign current personnel to other tasks.

Lower IT Costs

One of the most powerful advantages of Scan2Soft is that it enables the non-technical user to model, maintain, and monitor business processes without drawing on IT resources for coding and programming. But when IT staff does need to get involved, Scan2Soft lets them make modifications to the existing environment a lot more easily. Scan2Soft can help integrate this with their enterprise applications, document management systems, databases, and other legacy systems without a huge expense. And by supporting the most common operating systems and development environments, Scan2Soft reduces the cost of training and maintenance.

Expertise includes:

Business Process Analysis
Business Process Re-engineering
Business Process Automation
Web-based Applications
Application Development
Application Customization
Enterprise Application Integration & Deployment (MSI Installers)


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